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This is my first time reviewing something... Kinda confused on it since I have never done it before so bear with me... Let's see... Vision: You do an awesome job at picking up where I left off. I like Jun's personality and her perspective on the freedom of speech. I think this collab is coming along...

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Me as the antagonist...
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You lower yourself to me and kiss those tremulous lips. My reflexes make me spit back at you and as a repayment you punch me again; with a rough kiss afterwards to ease the pain. I try to be strong; however, each action you do strip away a fragment of my pride.

You tear away my clothes vigorously. Not caring about my buttoned shirt or my pants, disposing them only a couple of inches away from us.

Your repeated punching muffles my cries and soon after I go silent, closing my eyes and letting my fingers dig deep into the earth. You weren't the one I had met months ago. Everything about you had changed almost overnight; from the way you smiled to the way you spoke. It made me feel as though you had forgotten who I was all together as if you blocked out the happy times we shared. Or maybe that is what turned you this way to begin with.

I never knew that it would be me as the narrator...


Journal Entry: Tue Oct 14, 2014, 11:00 AM
:smoking:My oh my... How long has it been now? I swear I feel rather ashamed just writing this journal... having been gone for years and all. There really isn't an excuse- well.. a little one... plus that... and then there was THAT! Ehh, I guess the excuse is rather gigantic when I take a step back and examine it.

At this time there isn't really much to say... I haven't really been doing much of anything but watching paint dry and trees grow. The only reason I stumbled back on here was due to an old story I wrote up and found in a briefcase at my mothers house. The Fate's Delinquent one... Started reading it... realized how interesting it was... then came on here to take a gander at the other crap I wrote up... Of course DeviantART only allows you to see but so much before they tell you to sign up/log in... and thus... ta-dah... I appeared.

I'm sure all of my peons have moved on, pilfered my castle, stole my throne, and took on overlord positions of their own... Heh guess I am back to square one: Peasant! Ugh... who doesn't love a good challenge :threaten:

I need to take the time to dust off everything and figure out how to OPERATE DEVIANTART AGAIN before I actually make my grand return... But nothing like a lil' old "what the fuck Narrator posted something" to have my peons turning around in their castle......

Yes.... The dark smoke clouds are returning... :evillaugh:

A Narrator's Kindness

Whatever kindness I do is of my own free will. Nobody is screaming to me to deliver points, or hand out a Llama, fave, comment, visit your page, whatever. If you truly want to look a gift horse in the mouth then the best thing to do is insult them by asking them what would they like in return. Please, if you are in a state of shock that some random deviant you don't normally encounter or interact with suddenly does a generous act and you are the one they acknowledge, take a step back and just smile. So, instead of leaving me a comment telling me how thankful you are with exclamation points and plz accounts, try one of these two methods:

:bulletblack: Take a small trip through the Narrator's gallery of 112 submissions and leave a civilized comment. Maybe even a :+fav:

:bulletblack: Use the kindness you received on somebody else through deviantART. Turn these bounteousness moments into a virus of good intent.

I do not give out points to those that comment/note me. I am a mean old bitter narrator who can distinguish between a random grateful individual and a beggar. How dare you spot me on another person’s donation box and send me comments and notes... How dare you go to my page and send my friends comments/notes for points! How dare you beg anyone for points! If they feel you need them then they will come to you.

:thumb168566884: No Beggin' for Points by Drache-Lehre


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