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This is my first time reviewing something... Kinda confused on it since I have never done it before so bear with me... Let's see... Vision: You do an awesome job at picking up where I left off. I like Jun's personality and her perspective on the freedom of speech. I think this collab is coming along...




Me as the antagonist...
United States
You lower yourself to me and kiss those tremulous lips. My reflexes make me spit back at you and as a repayment you punch me again; with a rough kiss afterwards to ease the pain. I try to be strong; however, each action you do strip away a fragment of my pride.

You tear away my clothes vigorously. Not caring about my buttoned shirt or my pants, disposing them only a couple of inches away from us.

Your repeated punching muffles my cries and soon after I go silent, closing my eyes and letting my fingers dig deep into the earth. You weren't the one I had met months ago. Everything about you had changed almost overnight; from the way you smiled to the way you spoke. It made me feel as though you had forgotten who I was all together as if you blocked out the happy times we shared. Or maybe that is what turned you this way to begin with.

I never knew that it would be me as the narrator...

The Narrator Says NO to Google Doc

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 16, 2012, 5:19 AM
:iconohmyglobplz: Word cannot express how disappointed I am with myself and the people in control of Google Documents. I think I have mentioned before that I had a little issue with them: the automatic save system that constantly saves everything you type and deletes the previous save. You may think that it is a wonderful tool.. since I can write on the go and update from anywhere in the world... I thought so as well.. but when you constantly create a habit of not closing google chrome on your laptop at home, you create a risk of losing your most recent work simply because the google chrome at home will continue to save no matter what you are doing at work.

There are a few things that will make me frown: a empty pint of Ben & Jerry ice cream in the fridge, a pg-13 scary movie, a bounced check... but when it comes to my writing... I tell year I am crying up a storm. 10 pages of what I considered to be an awesome battle .. gone.. in just a blink because I failed to close google doc at home... Seriously?

I even called them and of course (not being mean or anything) I get that one person out of a million that has an STRONG accent I cannot understand. S'he told me to just continuously press undo or something.. yet that doesn't work either.. then S'he becomes frustrated with me because I keep insisting that 2+2 is not 7. The part that really pissed me off was when S'he said or I think they said, "Well, why didn't this happen before? You said you have been writing for three weeks. That doesn't make any sense, it should be there. You should have saved it to your computer-thats what I do!" Thats what YOU do? Thats what YOU do? Are you kidding me? WHAT THE LUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [I have decided to start using the LSP Adventure time method of cursing... there is a giggle after every lump.]

Again, I am such a fool... I think the part that pisses me off the most is that I have a terrible "regurgitation" ability. So trying to rewrite the entire story won't happen [plus it will never be the same]... I do find it odd though.. cause if I reread something I wrote, I already know what will happen... and I reread those 10 [omg it was almost 11..] pages three times a day...

Ugh... I just went through yet another box of tissues.

Guess I will alter my last Bottled Cleric installment and then start with something else... I don't even have the energy to write anymore... I feel defeated.

The Narrator No Longer Supports Google Document :iconohgodwhyplz:

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