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Good-bye Caves

There were so many tears in her eyes when her lips finally pulled away from mine. I was oblivious at the time and couldn't figure out what was going on when she staggered back and cupped her face in her hands while she wept.

She was one of the few that managed to lower my shield and made me feel like I could trust again. The world was out to kill me and I didn't know why. Somehow, I had allowed her access to my heart. I had fallen in love with her and wanted nothing more than to share my secrets with her. I knew my curse caused me to feel the pain and receive bruises of those I killed… I just wanted her to know the truth.

We stood there naked; our bodies staring at each other in the moonlight. My form was completely exposed with all of the abnormalities and bruises at her fingertips. She had approached me, touched me, and all of my pain and insecurities went away in an instant.

But everything seemed to fall apart after that kiss...

"What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" I moved closer to her, my arms gesturing for her to seek shelter between them. She threw a hand up to stop me; her tears falling like a rainstorm.

"This feeling...The pain... "

I swallowed hard, completely baffled by her response. I watched her look up to me, her eyes red like the blood I had spilled in my past. There was a strange rage building in her wake. With each step I took, she took one back. "What pain? Talk to me, please..."

"My Body.... burns."

My eyes follow her gaze and soon I was filled with nausea when I saw markings and bruises on her arms. That is when I realized that my curse could move to other people. I was apologetic, trying my best to show her that it was a mistake to expose my body to her.

Yet, deep down, I felt reassured that she would accept her looks just like she accepted me—I figured we would be together forever.

"I don't want this. Make it stop..."

Those were her last words before she came at me screaming and crying. I thought at first that she was just upset with me for not fully understanding my curse, but soon it became obvious that she was lost in bloodlust. Her frame toppled over me and forced me to the ground, clawing at my face with her nails and trying her best to gouge out my eyes.

"Don't do this, I love you!" I called out to her, tears mixing with the blood on my face as it stung my eyes. As I fought to keep her restrained, I thought about all of the others that had come in contact with me over the years. People I assumed were just trying to kill me. People that I quickly slaughtered and watched die. Yes, I did feel their pain and yes, the bruises were the cause of each death.... But I had never known that my curse would develop and be the cause of me killing innocent people just because it wanted me to.

She screamed out to me over and over, the shrieks piercing my eardrums. I continued to wrestle with her until I had managed to roll on top of her. She looked up towards me, her eyes slightly sad, but still full of some form of deranged anger. I honestly didn't know what to do nor did I want her to stay in this strange state. Our bodies kept touching and it was almost impossible for me to get away from her.

My hands ran through her hair, down her cheeks and I kissed her softly on the lips. Her jaw swung open and she tried to bite me. My tears fell to her face, causing her to choke repeatedly with each biting motion. I soon found my hands squeezing her neck.

"You're mad because I am right!" Firo snickered; his hand formed up into a fist and playfully tapping against the squire's chest.

Wardell had zoned out and was just now coming back to reality. His eyes scanned the floor before resting back on Firo who was grinning from ear to ear a few steps in front of him. "Right? About what?"

Before them stood a port town that was located south of the caves that the two had been staying at for a month.  If Firo had not begun his week's worth of persuading, Wardell would have never found the 'inspiration" to assist the soon-to-be cleric.

"You are scared of interacting with people!"

Wardell rubbed at his eyes, trying to push the rising memories to the back of his mind. "Trust me. That's not why I am worried about going into town." He grunted aloud, tugging the straps that kept his broadsword held tight while he tried to avoid the boy's friendly physical gestures.

"Then come on! What are we waiting for?" Firo pointed in the direction of the port town, his eyes already fixated on a sail that towered among the houses. His curiosity started to build and it was obvious that he wanted to get into the port and explore.

Wardell shook his head, "I am not going in there." He turn around, his eyes bouncing from tree to tree until he found one surrounded by a garden suitable for him to sit under—didn't like being in the sun.

Firo started to pout, his arms reaching out for the squire, but missing him as he walked off. "You are no fun! I don't want to go in there by myself." He turned back around to face the town, his eyes once again glancing at the sail in the distance.

Wardell took a seat on the ground and made himself comfortable. He looked over in Firo's direction and sighed, "Look, I just don't like being around large groups of people. We have already had this conversation." He focused his attention on the sail. "Since you like dealing with people so much, go in there and try to get us a boat. It would make our journey quicker."

"But, I don't know anyone there…" Firo whined softly.

Wardell snorted, "Then I guess we will have to put your priorities on hold." He leaned back, letting a long tiresome sigh escape from his throat.

Firo shivered at the thought of being cooped up in a dark damp cave for a second time. "Fine, I'll get us a boat!" He glared at the squire, sticking his tongue out in the process before darting towards the town.

Wardell chuckled while he removed the broadsword from his back and watched Firo vanish from sight. "I won't hold my breath." His chuckling faded while he glanced up towards the sky, admiring the clouds that leisurely drifted by. His eyes slowly closed and he started to drift off to sleep, but the sound of whimpering forced him to jerk awake.

The squire tried to ignore the noise, somewhat reluctant in wanting to investigate where it might come from. Eventually he noticed a boy sobbing to himself near a patch of bushes. The child was kneeling and rubbing at his eyes constantly while he tried to pick up a bunch of items that littered the floor.

Upon inspection, the squire assumed that the boy's knapsack had torn and thus caused all of his paraphernalia to come falling out. The child looked to be around nine or ten with dark brown hair and caramel features. Judging by his attire, he may have been the younger sibling of someone since his clothes fit loosely on his thin frame.

The boy glanced over in Wardell's direction, his eyes still overflowing with tears. When he realized that the squire did not pay him any attention, his cries grew louder.

Wardell sighed and broke the boy's tears with a loud tone, "Why are you wasting your time crying over such trivial things?"  He stood up and moved over to the child, watching him closely as if to predict when the boy would scream and run away.

The boy sniffled and soon went silent, his attention still focused on ground. "I'm not crying because of these stupid old toys."

"Then why are you crying?" Wardell shook his head in annoyance and looked the child over once again. Although he didn't resemble Firo, the squire couldn't help feeling faintly nostalgic in his presence, "Are you related to Firo?"

Rubbing his eyes, the child looked up at the squire with a confused sad face. "Huh?"

Wardell's annoyed grumbling continued.


Firo felt like a kid in a candy store once he finally managed to make it through the small town and over towards the pier. He seemed to stand out to everyone when he started screaming with excitement, his frame bouncing up and down near one of the boats.

"You really like boats I see?" A young man gave off a laugh followed by a welcoming smile while he continued to adjust his fishing rod.

Firo turned to face the young man and lightly blushed, "I can't remember the last time I saw one." Already, his curiosity was now focused on what the young man was holding in his hand. "What are you doing?"

"I'm just trying to fine tune my fishing rod." The young man frowned a little, "Haven't been catching many fish these last few days." He turned his attention towards the ocean.

Firo moved closer and knelt beside the man, glancing at the water in hopes of spotting a fish. When he realized that he couldn't see anything, he started to pout.

The young man laughed again, his eyes focused on Firo's facial expression. "I take it you didn't believe me when I said I haven't caught a fish in a while."

"No, I believed you. It's just… I really wanted to see some fish."

'Well, if you want, why not fish with me. I have an extra fishing rod." The man smiled and started digging around through a bag he had with him for the second rod. Once he found the rod, he made some last minute tweaks to it before he handed it over to Firo.

"Are you sure it's okay? I don't know how to fish." Firo was more than excited when he received the fishing rod. He looked it over, somewhat amazed at the simple yet unique design. "If I was a bona fide fisher, I would make a fortune selling fish."

"It's quite alright. I can teach you if you have the time. At least you are eager to learn." He took a seat back on the dock and waited for the boy to join him. Once Firo started talking about selling fish, the young man frowned. He looked back out to sea, his eyes focused on the horizon while a sigh escaped from his throat.

Firo kept his eyes glued to the rod, unaware of the sudden change in the man's feelings. "This is going to be so cool! I am going to become an awesome fisherman!" There was a strong determination in his voice.

The young man laughed, "Are you sure you're not a lost brother of mine?"

"Huh?" It was obvious that Firo was not paying attention as his eyes were still fixated on the fishing rod once he decided to turn his body around to face the man.

"Come; let me show you how to fish."
Dialogue Prompt: "You're mad because you know I am right."
Characters: Firo Vita Wardell Langton
Summary: Will this finally be the start of Firo's journey or will Wardell's aversions keep the healing potion from succeeding.

*MeAsTheNarrator Interview
This just something I whipped up to get the ball moving. I needed something that would help them leave those accursed caves behind! Hopefully this is a start to a wonderful next chapter.

I really didn't know what to write... and I think I did horrible justice with the dialogue prompt [its just slapped in there lol]... My writing seems to suck one day and... stink the other :faint:

Yes, you guessed it... the Boniface Bros. are here... though I didn't mention their names cause I wanted to use them in the next chapter... yep.. these support characters have gray areas... :shh:

//EDIT: Oh snaps.. fixing typos *pops open sodey pop*

The Bottled Cleric


Image courtesy of *twent47blue:love:
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As per usual I am very much into the story. Though it seemed to drag ever so slightly, I keep looking forward to when the action starts up and Wardell and Firo take to the seas.

The memory sequence in the beginning threw me for a loop - it was something I was not expecting, especially with the change in point of view. Wardell became a more rounded character as we learned more about his past and what he went through.

What I really want to know is how does Wardell tie in to all of this? What happened to the girl in Wardell's past? Believe it or not, don't assume the worst because of what's written above.

And Narr, you may say that it was a poor way to use the dialogue prompt, but it fits perfectly when Firo said it when he did.
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JhenrhiIda Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
[I'm at work]
I only got about half way through, and I'll finish when I get home and will do a proper critique (since you love those so much!) but I will say that the memory nearly made me cry in my office! I feel so sorry for him. I need to finish reading this at home and then we'll see how my view changes with the rest of the story. =)
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
i love your reviews..
JhenrhiIda Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
i love that you love my reviews...
Leonca Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
So the curse is like a supernatural version of a zombie rage virus? Creepy. :XD:

Typo catches-
His eyes slowly closed and he started to drift off to sleep but, the sound of whimpering forced him to jerk awake.
His eyes slowly closed and he started to drift off to sleep, but the sound of whimpering forced him to jerk awake.
I'm not crying because of these stupid old toys`.
I'm not crying because of these stupid old toys.
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
lol yea. I can't seem to run away from the whole zombie rage virus concept... it lives on deep in my subconscious.
XxBurgiexX Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Student Writer
Firo's excitement is so much fun :XD: I like how this started out as an unpleasant memory and then when Firo came into it, the story became another exciting Firo moment.
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I don't know what I would do without Firo. He brings so much fun and excitement to the story.... I should make it a little sad.. hmmm...
wapy Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
lol this totally works with your la avatar haha
Rovanna Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012   Digital Artist
The first part was really sad. Wardell's curse sounds pretty bad, how it's contagious. Is it caught by touching him?
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yea... but only if you touch his skin. That is why he stays covered and wears a mask [mostly so people don't see what the bruises have done to his face and body]
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