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I. Choose up to five (5) of your favorite original story characters that will embark in this role-play. If you don't have five (5) then leave them blank (or create a character on the spot!) Be sure to give a little description of them:

1. Jetice – A once-upon-a-time human mage that stepped into a cursed town and got turned into a demon with dreams of megalomania. He struts around in a cape, boots, and a makeshift thong that most people seem to ignore. He is constantly trying to decide whether to listen to his human side or the demon within. He can come off as being rude and insensitive… but its all unintended… right?

2. Giovanni – A very rare anthropoidal Golden Lion-Tamarin who managed to escape from a testing facility. He would rather prance around in just his fur then wear his sky blue colored shorts that his friend Jetice found for him. He is a very positive creature who would readily make friends then fight. He has a strange power that allows him to call upon a weapon called 'Dimitri'… but it can be stubborn at times and not show.

3. Leviticus – A pious swordsman who came from another dimension. He blames his 'worldly travels' on religion and has devoted his life to speaking the word to other people and trying his best to convert them to his side… However, this never seems to work. He can come off as being pompous and unorthodox due to his 'extracurricular' activities and has zero tolerance for those who bash his religion. He also has a Familiar by the name of Divine that follows him everywhere and appears from time to time.

4. Divine – This plump female possum happens to be Leviticus' familiar. It is unclear where she came from and why she appears at strange times to hang out with Leviticus. She happens to be very rude and is constantly disrespecting Leviticus' faith. She has many secrets that she refuses to explain and would rather get Leviticus in to trouble then follow suit.

5. Cursed Puppet – A small doll with a stitched up mouth that mysteriously changes position and button eyes. Doesn't talk at all… floats around dangling from omnipresent strings. Wears a king's crown made out of paper. [Meme Mascot]

II. Asleep, [ Giovanni ]  or [ Divine ]  are dreaming of their most pleasant childhood memory. What is it about?

Giovanni threw his hands into the air and started to move them about as if he was reaching for something near the ceiling. His eyes were closed tight and a glob of liquid escaped from his mouth while he grinned. His nose twitched up and down and finally a few words escaped from his lifeless lips.

"Mama I want that one!"

He clung to her back tight, drooling over her burnt orange fur as she darted towards a different tree. Since he had been on such a good behavior, Giovanni's mother decided to reward him with some of the best mango found skywards in trees. Her legs knelt down before she flung herself into the air towards branches in the sky; Giovanni pushed his face into her fur, closing his eyes out of excitement.

Once they made it towards the top of the tree, her long arms moved around and grabbed him. She gently lifted him towards the mangos, watching as he feverishly tore at them in hopes of actually holding one within his small hands. "Mama. I want that one!" The first one fell but was caught by his mother's tail. The second hit the branches below them and exploded. The last mango was a success as well as cherished, its plumped size snuggled up against the small monkey's frame in order to not see it fall to the ground below.

Giovanni's baby blue orbs traced over his mother's face, watching her smile as she grabbed hold of the mango wrapped in her tail. From there, she directed Giovanni towards the branches above them. He followed behind her trying hard not to devour the treat before they made it to her resting spot.

The sun was starting to move behind the mountains off into the distance. Changing from a yellowish color to an orange tinge as it slowly fell from the sky. Giovanni and his mother looked on at the sunset… as they feasted on the mangos before they continued their journey.

III. However, [ Cursed Puppet ] continues to toss and turn, haunted by their childhood nightmare! What scared them as a child?

A laugh escaped from an older gentleman as he moved about his tiny home with a pair of scissors. His laughter bounced off the four walls before moving into the direction of a tiny doll placed on the windowsill.

With scissors in his hands, the man adjusted his glasses and eagerly headed over to a table that had been cluttered with books, woodcarving, and other various scrolls and potions. With just a quick motion of his arm, most of them items on the table were thrown to the floor with ease, concoctions mixing with others and causing a smell most unpleasant to envelope the house.  Such force caused the tiny doll on the windowsill to topple towards the floor as well with a loud clunk.

Instantly, the man threw his attention towards the object, those eyes hidden by the glasses reflecting off of the light. His face twitched before a long trail of mumbling escaped from a psychotic grin.

His body moved over towards the doll, snatching it from the floor roughly before slamming it down on the table. The scissors in his free hand rose quickly and it wasn't long before he had pinned the doll to the table with little effort. Thick steel blade cut right through the dolls fabric and straight into its chest, missing cotton with the wooded surface.

The man bit down on his fingers, drawing blood in the process and rubbing it around the doll on the table. His eyes lit up as he glanced at an open book on the floor that spoke of demonic possession and summoning.   

A trail of laughter escaped from the deranged man.  His arms and fingers twitched rapidly as if he were playing a piano. It wasn't long before a faint glow appeared over his hands. As he moved them up and down, he hastily muttered a few words under his breath, stuttering from time to time as his eyes darted around the room chaotically.

The doll on the table flailed about as if it was trying to escape, the scissors doing its job at keeping the figure pinned. The man stepped back and let out a nervous laugh, his fingers still playing the invisible piano as he ignored the drops of blood that splattered about.

This process went on for what seems like hours before the doll finally came to a stop.  The man slowly approached the doll, beads of sweat raining down on the pinned object made of cloth and string. His eyes grew wide as he looked on at the doll.

"You smile at me? You SMILE at me!" his words echoed off the walls.

The expression on the dolls face remained a smile.

The man sighed, turning his back and licking at his fingers. The scissors that kept the doll pinned slowly twitched. The expression on the dolls face slowly moved into a frown…

Jetice snorted, tossing in the bed with the Cursed Puppet held in one hand. It wasn't long before he jolted his arm back and the doll went flying across the room. The young demon ruffled at his covers before going back to sleep.

Now in the corner, the Cursed Puppet's sleepy expression turned into an annoyed one.

IV. [ Giovanni ] finds a diary with [ Divine ] name on it. They eagerly read a random page to themselves. What does the entry say?

It was a normal day for Giovanni, wake up before anybody else and run through the building waiting everyone up with a rambunctious "Good Morning" and a pounce to make sure they were still alive. So far he had managed to get Jetice and was now headed towards Leviticus' room.

As he charged his way into the room with his usual delightful grin, he noticed that Leviticus had already left. In fact, the room looked as though nobody had been there. Taking no chances, Giovanni leaped into the air and landed onto the bed, thrashing about in the covered while he repeatedly blurted out a "Good Morning." When he had finally grown tired, he sat up, looking about as if bored and feeling the urge of hunger taking control of his insides.

As he stood, he darted a rather small booklet on the floor. The book looked smaller than those he had seen humans reading. It was almost small enough to mistake for food. He knelt down and picked it up, opening it slowly and nearly smashing his face towards the pages.

Day XX

Dear Me ~<3
How are you today? Is everything okay? I saw you in the mirror and I must say, you are one sexy bitch! Yes you are! Shit, no other animal has nothing on you! Look at those hips!.... [Scribbles , smiley faces, and drawings of some human.]

Unable to read the rest, for lack of interest, Giovanni tosses the tiny book into the trashcan as he exits the room.

V. [ Leviticus ] is severely poisoned and is slowly dying. Explain how it happened and if they survive.

I let out a nervous laugh as I adjusted my body against a tree. Those tree colored orbs lazily looking about for the beast that had attacked me without warning. My left arm continued to pulsate as I removed the three spikes that seemed to leak a yellowish fluid that I had never seen before.

"I should have been more aware of my surroundings" I had decided to take a break from the group and wander around the forest. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but as the sun started to set, I knew I had not properly marked a trail to get back to camp.

I removed my glasses and rubbed at my face, smearing away the beads of sweat that seemed to form out of nowhere. It was cool as the sun continued to set… so why was I terribly hot? My knees started to grow tried and soon I was resting on the ground, rubbing at my arm. "What the hell was that?" My eyes moved about once more, unaware if I had escaped the clutches of the strange beast with long spikes covering its body.

I could feel my heart beginning to race as I finally allowed my head to rest up against the tree. I was worried, terribly worried about my arm and why the feeling had not gone away. My head tilted upward until I could no longer lift it, staring at the clouded sky as my breathing hastened. I slowly started to become away of my situation…

I tried to stand but found that my legs had fallen sleep; my free around seemed to stiffen until I could no longer move it away from my wound. I could literally feel my heart racing throughout my entire body and my breathing started to hasten as well as thin out. My eyes were heavy yet I continued to struggle to keep them open.

When I had sat down, I didn't have time to adjust my posture, so my body started to slide sideways away from the tree. My frames crashed down towards the grass, landing with a thump and allowing me a few seconds to move. I slowly adjusted my legs and my arms before I realized that my body had gone stiff once more.

As I took a few more breathes, I closed my eyes and prayed to the heaven. I prayed for forgiveness… for safe passages… for a second chance…. For…. Not to die…

I breathed in once more, my heart struggling to give off a few more pumps before it failed.

The wind gave off a slight breeze, sending a sheet of leaves over in my direction, covering my body… as I dozed off in the fetal position.

VI. A gang of bullies are picking on [ Divine ]. [ Giovanni ] or [ Cursed Puppet ] come to their aid but they both get beat up. Why is that?

Gray fur darted through the bushes as a small group of squirrels continued their pursuit.  Acorns and other items normally found in trees rained on Divine, hitting her in the back of the head and causing her to stagger towards a tree. She stood on her back legs and pinned herself towards the trunk as if she would eventually materialize through it.

"Aiight! Shit, I am sorry! Isn't that what you rats want!" She had grown hungry since Leviticus had left her while he went on a skip through the woods. Her curiosity led her up a tree and finally into a den made for an animal. At first, she had no intentions on staying but soon found their food as well as items to be of use to her. She had devoured their winter's rations as well as rolled around in their little squirrel beds and finally – which happened to be the last straw – stole a backpack full of nuts and berries.

It was Goldilocks… surrounded by fifty or so bears- yet a happy ending to this fairytale seemed grim

High-pitched chattering could be heard moving through the small area as Divine awaited her fate.  She was surrounded by all around by the tree hugging vermin. Her grey body nearly trembling as the thought of wanting to use the bathroom crossed her mind.

As the squirrels continued to debate what to do with the thief, Divine heroically reached into the backpack while she blurted out, "Hah! I always have a trick up my sleeve! Now you all are going to pay for messing with a Lady!" With confidence, both of her paws dove into the backpack, moving pass the acorns and smashed berries until she had grabbed hold of an object. "Die!"

The squirrels jumped back as Divine yanked out a stuffed doll with a very annoyed expression on its face.

"What in the… shit…" Divine sighed, looking around before she launched the doll in the air. This did not stop her attackers at all. As Cursed Puppet slowly glided towards the ground, Divine was bombarded with acorns, berries, and even fecal matter from the truly angry squirrels. Once the Cursed Puppet greeted the ground, Divine used it as a shield against the attackers…

…But that didn't help much after an acorn managed to hit Divine in the back of the head and send her toppling towards the floor.

Cursed Puppets expression went from annoyed to painfully distraught.

VII. A character of your choice is just learning how to control their powers/gifts.

Giovanni slowly entered the arena of the facility. His huge orbs bounced off the spectators that sat comfortably on the balconies above. A frown appeared over his face as he nervously moved towards the center of the room.

"Subject MA-14-91, you are to test your new abilities on one of your comrades" A voice echoed through the room as the whispering of the scientist slowly died down. "Subject A-24-85, you may begin when ready…"

Giovanni stood there, almost trembling once the voice boomed out its final words. He glanced around the area until he saw another Lion-Tamarin entering from the other side of the room. The collar around the monkey's neck moved left and right, showing how loose it had been on the animal's fur. Dangling from it was a blue necktie that one of the scientists probably had given the Lion-Tamarin as a gift.

"This one? Understood…" The monkey spoke softly, looking back at a scientist that stood on the other side of a glass door.
Giovanni cocked his head to the side, almost shocked that another Lion-Tamarin was able to speak in the same language as the white robed humans.

"Well, let us begin… I don't want father to wait too long…" The Lion-Tamarin brushed off his necktie and slowly cleared his throat.

Giovanni backed away slowly, looking over his shoulder at the clear door and the female scientist standing behind it; her hands moving quickly upon a notepad rested upon her arm. As he turned his body around and started to move over to the glass, his body stopped as a soft breeze brushed up against his back.

"I am sorry; you can't back out of the training process…" The Lion-Tamarin chuckled softly.

Giovanni turned around slowly, trailing the floor with his eyes until he was glancing at the creature on the other side of the room. The Lion-Tamarin brushed at his necktie once more before flinging his finger into the air, sending dust flying in the direction of Giovanni. Once the invisible attack connected with his defenseless frame, Giovanni went flying backwards and slamming up against the glass door, leaving behind a crack.

"Alright enough…" A voice boomed once more over the intercom.

The Lion-Tamarin played with his tie as he called out to the battered Giovanni who was struggling to get up. "Why would they pit such a weakling against us Alchimia… I didn't even get a chance to use my skills." He gave off a sigh and turned around to greet a scientist. "I'm ready father…" The Lion-Tamarin quickly left the training room, tail bobbing left and right as he grabbed hold of the scientist's lab coat.

VIII. In an alternate universe, there exists an opposite version of [ Jetice ], [ Leviticus ], and [ Cursed Puppet ]. Pick one and explain their looks and personality.

A young teen moved about his room tossing random objects into a trash bin. It seemed that the boy would be maturing soon and his father thought it best he removed some of the many toys that cluttered his floor.

The boy slowly climbing onto his bed, digging through the sheets until his favorite teddy bear found its way into his hands. He held it close, admiring the many years they had been together. One of the teddy bears ears has been removed but stitched back on with a different colored ear.  One of the bears smooth round eyes had popped out years ago and had to be replaced with a black dot from a permanent marker. There was a strange smell coming from the teddy, reminding the boy of the many times that the family dog would steal the bear in hopes of becoming a lifelong friend.

A sigh escaped from the boy's throat as the sound of his fathers footsteps could be heard coming from the stairs. Giving the bear one last hug, the boy tossed it into the trashcan and continued to clean up his room.

The teddy bear's facial expression went from happy to disappointed…

IX. [ Leviticus ] tries to make [ Divine ] their apprentice. They soon discover that teaching them ends with failure. Why is that?

Leviticus put up his guard as his Bible was launched across the room.

"To hell with that! I refuse to take part in your stupid religion!" Divine bellowed from the bed, stomping back and forth while she tried to rip up paper that Leviticus used to write down a few scriptures for her to read. "You won't have me joining that cult!"

"I just think you could be saved if you read some of the-" He knelt down to pick up the Bible, stopping in speech when crumbled pieces of paper rained down on him. Leviticus gave off a sigh as he mumbled softly to himself, "Have the workers of iniquity no knowledge?"

"…and I ain't drinking no punch either!" The possum continued to rant as she thrashed about on the bed.

X. In a cave or woods, [ Giovanni ] or [ Cursed Puppet ] are passing the time by training. Give detail on their skills.

The wind blew softly, ruffling the trees and sending leaves about the woods. Birds could be heard singing their tune as the sun slowly moved towards the heavens.

A red sphere floated through the area, finally coming to a halt near a tree.


A ray of red light shot through the air, connecting with the sphere and forcing it to explode, sending dirt flying all over the place. After that, another ray of light moved about, rising above the trees and dancing about in zigzags before crashing down towards the earth and exploding.

Giovanni adjusted his fingers and arched his bow once more. This time three rays of light appeared. He released his grip on an invisible string and watched as the three red lines darted through the air. His eyes squinted slightly and with sight alone, he started focusing on the direction he wanted the arrows to move.

The arrows moved about loosely, dancing around before scattering about. The third arrow crashed towards the ground, exploding on impact.  The first climbed towards the sky and exploded into dust. The second arrow continued to move around in the direction that Giovanni had planned, dodging trees with ease. When the Lion-Tamarin felt that he was finished with the arrow, he closed his eyes and listened for an explosion.

Once the arrow had vanished in a puff of smoke and debris, Giovanni's longbow, Dimitri, vanished.

"Gee, its lunchtime already?… Heh" Giovanni gave off a pant while he clenched his fist, "One day I am going to see that Lion-Tamarin in the necktie… Just you wait!"

XI. All of the Characters decide to either sit at the beach or take a long drive in a jeep. Does this little trip go smoothly? Give details.

"You got sand in my eye dammit!"  A figure leaped into the air, her shadow moving over the tiny sand village before the belly flop sent sand going everywhere.  Divine's body thrashed about, knocking down the tiny sand house and the little sand people with quick movements of her hands. When she was done and tired, she glanced over at a puppet that was slumped over a pail and bucket. "Look what you made me do! You old… stocking stuffer!"

The Cursed Puppet said nothing, its gleeful facial expressing twisting around until it resembled sorrow. It wasn't long before the puppet's head slowly slid off the bucket and into the sand.

Divine sighed and moved back over to her animal-size beach chair and sat back down. She reached for a large straw that dangled next to her chair and took a few sips from a large drink. She exhaled and slowly leaned back, slipping on a pair of heart shaped sunglasses… She was going to make sure she got a nice tan.

Leviticus sat a few feet away from her, digging his feet into the sand while he emptied another bottle of sunscreen onto his already burned skin. He grumbled to himself as he contemplated hopping into the water. "Giovanni… Please be careful around that fiend!" He called out the Lion-Tamarin that was splashing water while in the sea.

Jetice and Giovanni were continuing their advanced game of water wars. It seemed that the whole objective was to get the other player to say "Uncle." At first the game seemed rather simple… But soon it became somewhat of a spar.

Giovanni shot out of the water and rose towards the sky. He had called for Dimitri and sure enough, it had appeared. Those fingers pulled back on the strings, forcing multiple rays of light to appear. With a grin on his face he peered down at Jetice who was still unaware that the monkey had leaped out of the water. "Say Uncle Jetty!" He released his grip and sent arrows showering down on the unsuspecting demon. Each arrow exploded once it made contact with the water, sending large waves towards Jetice.

"What the hell!" Jetice held his breath and pushed his body under the water. Once the waves clashed up against one another, he rose quickly and quickly started to mumble a spell. As his continued to chant, he placed his hand under the water and waited for Giovanni to fall. "Two can play that game!"

With a grin on his face, Giovanni quickly fell back into the water, rising just in time to see a large wave roaring towards him. "Jetty! No fair!" He quickly swam under the wave, fighting against the current as the wave trampled above him. When he finally came back up, those orbs met with the demons. "Ha! Now you shall-"


"Hmm?" Jetice glanced around before looking back at Giovanni. "Giving up already?"

Giovanni gave off a confused look before laughing, "No silly, that wasn't me…"

The both of them turned their attention towards the beach. Leviticus and Divine stood there soaking wet and eagerly awaiting for the demon and the monkey to come back towards the shore. Jetice and Giovanni gave off an anxious chuckle and slowly allowed their frames to sink under the water.

Off in the distance, a small bucket with Cursed Puppet inside slowly floated off into the sunset. His facial expression was angry.

XII. [ Giovanni ] is finally dead and is sent to either heaven or hell. Where do they end up? Why?

Giovanni headed down the pathway with his eyes open wide. Beautiful flowers dances about and everything seemed to be made of bright colors. The sky was blue and birds could be heard even though there were none flying about. Two pearly gates stood before the Lion-Tamarin and as he moved closer, they slowly opened. He skipped in happily and his eyes sparkled as he was met with mountains of food…

"Oh! This is heaven! Oh …." He giggled to himself, that frame dashing towards the many cakes and pastries that swallowed him whole.

The pearly gates slowly closed behind him and his voice could be heard cheering the many goodies. As the wind blew softly, a little sign hidden within the bushes became legible for just a moment…

… Welcome to Hell: Home to all of the Monkeys…

XIII. [ Cursed Puppet ] decides to make breakfast for [ Jetice ]. What did they make? Is [ Jetice ] satisfied?

Normally his alarm would be the first thing he would hear when he finally decided to get up to do nothing. But today it was the fire detector that roared into his bedroom. Jetice quickly jumped up that frame screaming as he fell down the stairs with a fire extinguisher in hand. Golden orbs bounced around the room trying to pinpoint the fire. Soon his nose led him into the kitchen.

He rushed quickly over to a pan that was still on and burning pieces of bacon into rubbish. He turned off the stove and glanced around once more, those eyes noticing the Cursed Puppet on the table next to a plate with scrambled eggs, toast, and lemon slices. The demon cocked his brow and slowly took a seat at the table. He cleared his throat and looked around the room again, "Is anybody here?" Was he going crazy? Was the food even safe? Did he make this and not remember? Is that coffee with two sugars and crème?

Jetice gave off a smile and started to nibble on the eggs those eyes looking towards the Cursed Puppet adorn with a chef's hat and an apron that read, "Puppet in the kitchen." His slender hand moved over to the puppet and soon he was holding it in his hand. "Did you make this?" He gave off a chuckle to himself… how could a puppet do such a thing? The demon took a few sips from the coffee and chuckled some more, "Well if you did… good job…"

Cursed Puppet had a facial expression of satification.

XIV. [ Leviticus ] and [ Divine ] decide to become bandits and rob people as they head into the forest. They happen to rob [ Jetice ]. Do they succeed?

Two bodies were found early one morning by a group of travelers who had been practicing the buddy system through the forest a few days ago. One of them  had called authorities and now that part of the woods had been blocked off due to a series of investigation.

Two investigators stood over the now covered bodies as questions on the identities of the two figures were went unanswered. One man sighed and finally broke the silence by stating the obvious. "Well… This man and his pet should have known about the recent attracts on peddlers that has been going on in these woods."

The other man concurred with a slight tip of his hat, "Yeah… It's been all in the news that a blood thirsty monster's was headed this way…"

XV. All of the Characters have fallen into the past and are now children once again. They are playing hide-and-go-seek. What child is doing the seeking? Where are the children hiding? Why can't they find the last child?

"Two… Five… Seventy-zero… Banana? I think I am ready?" Giovanni turned around slowly, those icy orbs glancing around the playground for one of his friends that he could tag. His frame knelt towards the floor and soon he was moving along on all fours and over towards the jungle jump.

"Divine I see you!" Giovanni gave off a laugh as he pointed up at Divine who thought she would be out of sight if she climbed to the top of the jungle gym.

She sighed as she moved down the poles, "No fair, Jetice told me to hide up there!"

The Lion-Tamarin continued on, eventually moving over to towards the merry-go-round. He pointed his finger towards a figure that was lying down as if to blend in with the merry-go-round. "Leviticus I can see you!"

A growl escaped from Leviticus' throat as he stood up and brushed off his white attire, "Absurd! That demon said you wouldn't find me if I hid there!"

Giovanni gave off a strange laugh as he glanced back at the go-round. "I… Would have probably found you anyway… it's all black… and you are wearing white." From there, the Lion-Tamarin skipped on, his tail dancing cheerfully behind him as he headed over to the sandbox. His eyes squinted as he looked around before he finally glanced down into the sand.

"A doll? Oh cool…" He picked up Cursed Puppet and continued on his mission to find Jetice. "Come out. Come out… Wherever you may be…"

On the opposite side of the playground where cookout normally took place, Jetice sat triumphantly at a picnic table. In front of him were four lunch boxes; each open and the contents spread out across the table. He wiped at his chubby cheeks and laughed, "All hail Prince Jetice… and may the feast begin!"

XVI. In an alternate universe, [ Jetice ] happens to be the servant of  A character of your choice. What must they do?
Jetice gave off a sigh as he finished scrubbing behind the toliet. He was up long before the sun crept over the hills. Those orange orbs hid behind his droopy eyelids as he rose from the floor and arched his back. A long yawn escaped from his throat as a voice echoed throughout the castle.

"Demon! Demon!"

The demon gave off a growl and slowly sauntered down what seemed like an endless hallway. Upon arriving at the chamber of his master, he took off his apron and cleared his throat. Jetice tapped lightly on the door before entering, moving across the room and opening the curtains so that the one laying in the bed could get a better look at him. "You called Sir?" Those droopy orbs slowly moved up the bed until he was staring at a rather large individual wrapped in a white sheet that many would probably use as a table cloth or curtains.

"I am hungry!" The voice boomed towards Jetice as a pillow was weakly thrown into his direction.

Jetice sighed and rubbed at his eyes, flicking away the crust that seemed to form in the corners while he spoke, "But sir, you ate two hours ago…"

"I demand food dammit! Let us not forget why you are here!" The man let off a laugh and moved his hand around the bed until he found another pillow to throw.

A low growl escaped from the demons lips as he turned around and slowly walked fine, "Fine! I shall have your food ready soon!"

"You better!" The man on the bed let out a snort as he struggled to get comfortable in the bed,  "All hail King Leviticus…" He slowly dozed back off while he waited for his meal.

XVII. Its almost valentines days, A random character gives a gift to A character of your choice. What did they give them? Are they grateful?

Giovanni let off a yawn when he finally decided to get up late that evening. He knew it was special day for all of the humans and felt that he had no need to participate in such meaningless affairs- even if it did seem interesting. He frame tossed and turned in the bed until finally he sat up. "oh?" His eyes fell upon a box shaped like a heart and covered in ribbons with his name sloppily scribbled on a card.

He twisted his body until he was leaning up against the night table, his eyes staring at the box before picking it up and reading the little card. "Would you be mine… could you be mine… won't you be… my neighbor?" Giovanni chuckled to himself as he hopped out of the bed, accidently stepping on a small doll in the process.  He knelt down and picked it up, those icy eyes glancing over the doll before looking back at the box.

"I wonder…" It wasn't long before the box replaced the doll and Giovanni was back on the bed, ripping away at the wrapper and tearing open the box. His eyes lit up as he glanced at the many brown morsels inside. As he picked up one and bit down, a smile appeared over his face, "Wow… Leviticus is so kind!"

The Cursed Puppet's expression went from tenderness to depressed.

XVIII. Before we go, all of your characters want to take a moment to give you (their creator) some "light" criticism on the stories that feature them.
1.Jetice- I sense a bit of favoritism towards me… My installments seem longer than others and I feel that I may be the main character… If not the leader.

MeAsTheNarrator-  A part of you is based off of my personality. Besides.. you were like my first character.

2.Giovanni- *cheers* Keep up the good work! I enjoyed learning more about my past… I think you did an amazing job creating my race of Tamarin.

MeAsTheNarrator-  Heh… I would like to thank a friend of mine for creating the thought of you. Without him… you would have been a dog boy…

3.Leviticus- I have noticed that a lot of people hate to love me… Is it because of my religion? Actually… while we are on the subject... what religion am I following because…

MeAsTheNarrator-  You are asking waaay too many question. I think your religion should remain anonymous. As for the whole people hating you bit… I do not think it's you they hate… just your actions.

4.Divine- I love the story! But am I a main character too or a stand in for Leviticus?

MeAsTheNarrator-  You are neither… you are Divine… just love it.. you possum diva you *grin*

5.Cursed Puppet- … … .... ………… … …… ……… ……………? *lifeless body falls out of interview chair*

MeAsTheNarrator-  I really do enjoy your company… You seem to be the mascot of my MEMEs… I think you should get more limelight…. *waves wand*
:iconvoodooplz: This TOO FOREVER!.. It is sad that it took me forever to release my own results to a meme that I created. Three days folks.. THREE LONG DAYS OF THIS MESS! Finally I am done... You probably can tell which days I was lazy... from the writing.. on other days I pushed out epic pieces! Hopefully it is interesting... some of the results may be story related... so if you are reading this after the meme.. then... sucks to be you.


The original can be found here... please give ME credit thanks you :) [link]

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lol Lil' Cal is very scary looking
FreakieGeekie Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I want the Cursed Puppet *-*
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
:rofl: Are your sure about that :)
FreakieGeekie Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I like dolls. Especially evil-looking ones. I could have lots of fun with it :3
xTalithax Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Ok, so I should have been doing NaNo :paranoid: But this was a fantastic distraction and a great way to get to know my characters better :) Had great fun, thanks.

Mine's here [link]
Fairiegirl101 Featured By Owner May 28, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is awesome. I'll have to do this meme soon.... when I have time
weepingtrees Featured By Owner May 17, 2010
The Cursed Puppet is definitely my favourite :XD: This is such a cool meme though, it really shows off all your characters and looks really fun. :)
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner May 17, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
thank you so much. Heh he was born the first time I uploaded my first narrative meme... and has been with me ever since... i think he and Divine are my best in the MEMEs
weepingtrees Featured By Owner May 17, 2010
Levictus isn't bad either, his bible-thumping ways amuse me. :lol: But yeah, Divine and the Cursed Puppet are both awesome.
JinShiranai Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2010  Professional Writer

Mr. Rogers reference.

MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
His spirit lives on inside the cursed puppet's body hahaa

I love cursed puppet lol
JinShiranai Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2010  Professional Writer
I think we all do. =D
Leonca Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Great idea, using Cursed Puppet as a meme mascot. I find it amusing that Jetice still sleeps with dolls. =p

Oh man, Divine’s journal entry made me laugh out loud. :lol:

XVI was kind of freaky. I have a hard time imagining Leviticus as a huge fat guy stuck in bed. :o
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Hahaha I know!!!! XVI was hard for me to do.. but since they were in an alternate universe, there would be a different Leviticus as well ... So I figured I'd make Jetice is slave and turn him into a Jaba The Hut type of thing... lol

Cursed Puppet had a lot of spotlight in this meme.... I really do Enjoy it... There is something about the other characters that make him hilarious.. maybe its the fact that none of them think he is alive (With the exception of Divine)

I really liked the Hide and Seek one... Lol Giovanni finding Cursed Puppet in the sandbox... even though it wasn't playing the game hahaa
KCarey Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
I swear, I'm gonna do a few of these things of yours.
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Its...rather fun.. once you find time.. It took me forever... I think most of it was done when I was chatting with you lol. If you get a chance to read it, tell me what you think :D
KCarey Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
Very funny and cute. I'm really thinking of trying out one of them. ^^
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I have taken a liking to Cursed Puppet... Why I created him for the meme is beyond me... but at the time I just couldn't think of anything else but a doll held up by ominous strings...

I like how nobody really interacts with it except for Divine.
KCarey Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
He was cute, and is a fun character to mess with. The way you have him interacting as only the face changing from one expression to another, or simply describing it, is inspired. ^^
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
:giggle: I think I am going to make a story with him... He is like my personal mascot
KCarey Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
It'd be fun to have one of those... I don'thtink I do.
elyseia Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010  Hobbyist
Oh, HEY! You finished it!!!
Here's a cookie for all your troubles. :3
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
it took forever... I hope you enjoy it lol I think I got carried away a few times.
elyseia Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010  Hobbyist
Haha, I did! It's really awesome!

I still have to finish mine... I still can't think of hell, and I decided I don't like one of 'em, so I have to re-write it... X.X
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
lol I had to rewrite one too.. the hell one... cause at first it was... scary and sorta lame
elyseia Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010  Hobbyist
Eh, oh well. I still haven't typed the whole thing out. My notebook's not with me, I think I left at my friends house... x.x

I'm having SO much fun with the third one right now. X3 I'm doing the one when two characters are trapped in a cave, and one of 'em expresses their feeling for the other. And I'm using Olivia and Lucas. X3
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
:iconkiralaughplz: Oh I can't wait to read the results! I knew it would happen eventually.
elyseia Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010  Hobbyist
Muhahaha! I've just wrote it, not I have to find the damn willpower to type up those three pages... x.x
MeAsTheNarrator Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Gosh... writing the meme... that must be torture... I have problems just typing it on the computer... lol
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